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Fourth, I want younger children to be able to participate in Book Reviews By Kids too, so I'll also accept reviews ghost-written by parents. Solicit your child's opinion and write it down. Interview format might work best, for instance:

Second, I'm going to insist on two Book Reviews By Kids reviews from every participating child.

[...] want kids‘ book reviews by kids! If you want to write a review about great books for kids, I will put it on my site at . You can also read about other books I [...]

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This is a website of book reviews by kids for kids. You can look up a book by title or author to get a review. You can also search the reviews by grade level or reviewer's name. Children visiting the site can post a message to a reviewer.

I can’t thank you enough Joanne.
Book reviews written by kids! What a great idea.
Instead of parents guessing if their children liked the books or not you get the reviews directly from your audience.
As a children’s books author I think these blogs will be very helpful and you’ve already made an amazing list with the top 10 blogs.