Drewry, John. Writing Book Reviews. Boston: The Writer, 1974.

The Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics Book Review Editor is looking for one time and ongoing reviewers who are interested in reviewing books on comic and graphic novel scholarship. Reviews of single books are typically 600-1,000 words in length, while review essays of two books combined are usually up to 1,500 words. Reviews are due within six weeks of receiving the book.

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If you're an avid reader, it's tempting to always choose the same type of books, but this can actually hinder your professional growth as a book reviewer. It's important to be adventurous and explore different literary genres and niches, especially if you're just starting out. For example, if you tend to read , why not check out a non-fiction book or two? Good book reviewers aren't afraid to venture outside their comfort zone for their next great read.

However, positive book reviews can:

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Popular book reviews are found in mainstream periodicals, ranging from Time Magazine to a local newspaper. For popular reviews, search publications up to one year after the book was published. Popular book reviews tend to be shorter.

These book reviewers have been updated as indicated by the date noted after the listing. Note that the list also often includes the website URL for other reporter contacts at these newspapers. If the contact is vital to you, verify the book reviewer's name and address before making submissions.Inclusion in the Book Reviewers Directory does not imply an endorsement of that reviewer by eBook Crossroads. eBook Crossroads assumes no responsibility for the quality of service or the actions of any company or individual listed.Before making a submission to any book reviewer, check with the Website listed for submission instructions, or send a query letter to the email address.Book reviewers and authors help each other - the authors give interviews and books, and the reviewers give authors the promotion they need to make their books a success.