More Great Book Reviewers Wanted! - Best Children's Books

Things have been moving along really well these days. I am glad to be getting more book reviewers everyday since we still have so many books that need to be posted on the site and book reviewers wanted.

Book Reviewers Wanted - Beyond Black & White

This piece of literary fiction has 7 ratings with an average 3.5 stars. We are looking for more readers to be book reviewers for this book to get more reviews for it. We need at least 20 reviews to think about publishing it: book reviewers wanted.

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Position Description: The book reviewer wanted is expected to read a story or partial story and write review about the book. The book review is expected to determine whether a story is ready for publishing and needs more work. Focus is on the quality of the characters, realism of the characters, plot, and general interest of the story. Reviewers aren’t expected to find grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, or fix any part of the story. Reviewers can choose to review as many or as little books as they feel like allowing them to read what they want when they want. We also expect the new reviewer to have lots of fun reading and reviewing.