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When visitors came to Jan Butterworth’s former home in the Auckland suburb of Papakura, she would ask them to come in through the ranch-sliders at the side of the house, rather than her front door. This was because when the 36-year-old University student and book reviewer needed to leave the lounge, it was an arduous process. Especially if the door was closed.

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Since book reviewing is such a highly competitive industry, competition for even entry-level reporter jobs is tough. Experienced reviewers often write columns in newspapers, magazines and on television or move into related occupations such as technical writing, advertising copywriting, public relations and media consulting, organizing large events, educational writing, fiction writing, screenwriting, editing or teaching. Many book reviewers become independent freelance writers. Although the Internet is taking over our traditional book reviewing in the print media, there are still book reviewers needed for writing positions in these media.

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Nona Balakian was an editor at who joined its staff in the 1940s, after studying with the legendary modernist literary critic Lionel Trilling at Columbia University. She was one of the founders of the National Book Critics Circle, which, following her death in 1991, created the annual citation for excellence in reviewing named in her honor. Upon receiving the award a few years ago, I wanted to find out more about Balakian and tracked down , a collection of her writings published by Bobbs-Merrill in 1978. Balakian sent an inscribed copy to Diana Trilling, who, apart from being the professor’s widow, was a critic of some eminence in her own right. Eventually the volume ended up at a secondhand bookshop, which then sold it to me, via Amazon -- evidence that , as if a book reviewer needed any more proof of it.