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This book report worksheet directs the student to write a short book review on the given text. Many novels and short stories provoke a reader to think about what happended concerning the plot, characters and setting. This book report worksheet functions as a book review. A book review is helpful for students so they can share books they read with others. This book review worksheet directs the student to write a summary, a memorable quote, and whether or not they would recommend it to another reader.

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2) Objectives: The student will critically read The House on Mango Street, listen to the readings, and demonstrate their reading comprehension by identifying markers (e.g., social, ethical, racial, and the political aspects of the text. Students will also write responses to questions on the book review worksheets and write a short three to five paragraph essay that reflect the reading assignment. The students will bind their essay materials into an autobiographical book. Thus, the student’s self-awareness, cultural perspective, and peer relationship will be broadened.