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Book Review TITLE: Media Reports And Police Image In Re-branding Nigeria AUTHOR: Celestine Msunwi Dickson PUBLISHER: Pearl Publishers, Port Harcourt. Mummy, mummy, four people with guns and in uniform stopped daddy’s car on our way to Zoo today and asked daddy to bring out some documents. And when we got to the Zoo, another group […]

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Yes that’s interesting Conrad (i.e. the J. Am. Phys. Surg. and it’s nonsense on climate change). But JAPS isn’t a science journal; it seems to be a mouthpiece for right wing opinionating (I’ve listed the book review titles from one of its issues below which is quite enlightening I think!).

Sample book review recommendation Title The BFG Ms O

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Book Review Titles: (i) Universal Basic Education: Grassroot Perspective (152 pages) (ii) Primary Education Control And Development Policy in Nigeria (56 pages) Author: Sam Nsitem Obisike, Jp Reviewer: Jacob Obinna Publishers: Wellington Publishing Company,PHC. For more than a decade now, the authors in Nigeria have been trapped in a cycle of distress due to the […]