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The first review of a book should start with a book review template. A book review template consists of a summary and questions about the book just read. This can also include an analysis of the book and if the book can be recommended or not. This template helps organize thoughts and keep important information remembered as the it is fresh in your mind. While these are typically used by elementary school students to learn how to properly format a book report, they are useful for professionals as well for the reason of organization. Make sure to also write templates as you read to help remember information as it is digested.

Use the book review template below to help you structure your thoughts.

A set of book review templates in various colours. They are designed in such a way that the entire A4 page can be folded to replicate a book. You could even design the front cover on the reverse side. If you want a completely blank version, we’ve also added that too.

The Book Review Article Template

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Using this book review template, students make notes about the following details:They also note down reasons why a Boring Book Brother viewer would dislike about the book.

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