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7. Outskirts Press is not responsible for the content of any resulting reviews or the failure of the reviewers to write a review for your book. These are not guaranteed reviews. Reviewers have full discretion over which books they choose to review and what they choose to say. The Outskirts Press Book Review Submission service makes no claims to the contrary and does not imply your book will receive a review, positive or otherwise.

The ILJ is currently accepting article, essay, and book review submissions for Volume 49.

Text should be ordered as follows: title, abstract, suggested keywords, text broken up by first-level heads, acknowledgments, notes, and works cited. The author name is omitted from the manuscript for peer review for Theory and Praxis submissions. The author name is not omitted from the manuscript for editorial review of Symposium and book review submissions. Supplemental files may be submitted at the same time as the manuscript file. Please upload images as supplemental files. Do not embed them the paper.

Book Review Submission Guidelines - University of Illinois

Academe does not accept unsolicited book review submissions, but proposals for book reviews can be sent to .

JIWS accepts book review submissions that have not been previously published or that are not currently under consideration by other journals or publications.