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"How do I sign up for a review?" - The basic JFH book Review Submission service is conducted on an approval basis. If you're interested and are willing to pay the review submission fee, send us an email with a pitch for your book. If one of our reviewers are interested in devoting the time to reading your project and reviewing it, you can submit payment (via a signup page we email you a link to) for just $60 USD. This fee includes the following:

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7. Outskirts Press is not responsible for the content of any resulting reviews or the failure of the reviewers to write a review for your book. These are not guaranteed reviews. Reviewers have full discretion over which books they choose to review and what they choose to say. The Outskirts Press Book Review Submission service makes no claims to the contrary and does not imply your book will receive a review, positive or otherwise.

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Book Review Submission

6. Author understands that purchase of the Book Review Submission becomes non-refundable once ordered and that the Book Review Submission service is a service of convenience to request review. The Book Review Submission Service is not a way to guarantee a review or, if a review is written, a positive review. Receiving a poor review or receiving no review at all is specifically not grounds for a refund.