Jane has designed a differentiated book review sheet, to extend AR (the Accelerated Reading programme), which is used in the Primary and promoted by the Principal teacher. A ‘story sacks’ project pairs S1 (age 12) with P1 (age 5) children - this project encourages problem solving through play, independent thinking and cross curricular literacy. Jane collects evidence of her impact on reading through AR statistics and jointly evaluating projects with teachers. She knows the children and what they read and can promote this through their class visits.

I am going to sort my reading area out and use book review sheet as display to advertise the books!

adults who fill out a Reading Log with at least5 books they read this summer, will receive a certificate redeemable for freebooks at our Library Book Sale. Plus, you’ll receive 5 extra chances to win aKindle Fire HD, a gift certificate, or other fantastic prizes! Those who fillout a Book Review sheet will get an extra raffle ticket.

Book Review Planning Sheet - Webster Central School District

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This book report worksheet directs the student to write a short book review on the given text. Many novels and short stories provoke a reader to think about what happended concerning the plot, characters and setting. This book report worksheet functions as a book review. A book review is helpful for students so they can share books they read with others. This book review worksheet directs the student to write a summary, a memorable quote, and whether or not they would recommend it to another reader.