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The Midwest Book Review, established in 1976, is an organization that promotes literacy, library usage, and small press publishing. The MBR publishes monthly book review magazines that serve the literary and academic communities—particularly librarians and booksellers—in addition to the general public.

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Inadvertently, though, we stumbled across Ram Advani Booksellers at the other end of the market, which was refreshingly different. Much smaller that Universal (just one floor) the focus seems to be largely on visual and political books, with a strong emphasis on Lucknow and India more broadly. To add a bit of diversity to a beautifully curated selection, we were amused to find a copy of 50 Shades of Grey laid out on one of the the tables. We also managed to pick up copies of wonderful Indian book review magazines Biblio and The Book Review which can be a little hard to find. I’m hoping that the picture below gives something of a sense of the quaint atmosphere.

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After reading at its website the article by Michael Weingrad, I decided to try a 2-year subscription. The Review has potential, especially if it sticks to its goal of emulating the New York Review of Books, which I consider the finest book review magazine available in the United States. The NYRB publishes 20 issues a year and a subscription runs $69.

There is no paid time per se provided, though all staff are encouraged to explore web sites during slow periods and while only book review magazines are especially encouraged as reading at the desk, there is no discouragement in relation to reading newspapers and magazines. I personally, as part of my assigned job, go through the local paper each day, specifically looking for local news and information that is copied and posted on our bulletin board.“A plain and simple guidebook for managers. Especially recommended for anyone recently promoted to a managerial or leadership position in the workplace.”
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