Herb Simon purchases Kirkus book review journal

Another tool that I've put together are what I call "Book Review Journal Prompts" and it is simply a list of 13 (my lucky number) questions that I put together to help describe the book. You can answer these questions in any order that you like and you do not even have to answer all of them if you don't feel the need. Again, these are simply "prompts" to jog your journaling and you do not have to actually "write out the questions" when you are making your notes...just use the corresponding number if you need it as a reference...keep it simple sweetie! I have printed out these "prompts" and adhered them to the inside cover of my journal so that I have them handy.

Doody's Health Sciences Book Review Journal

The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books is a bookreview journal for librarians, teachers, parents, and others interestedin new children's books. The Bulletin is a selective journal,reviewing approximately 900 of the over 5000 trade books published forchildren and young adults annually. Books reviewed include bothrecommended and not-recommended titles.

Book Review Journal of Global Analysis Richard S. Grossman

Book Review Journal of Chinese Religions, vol ..

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