Book Revue In Huntington Huntington - Eventful

After a winter that was "almost apocalyptic," seed money from a famous author to help keep the lights on at Book Revue in Huntington was a welcome addition to the bottom line.

My favorite bookstore on Long Island. Why? Because they made a reality come true. I was able to shake hands with Oscar De La Hoya and ask him what the hell happened in Trinidad fight? You out classed the bum!

Now this could have gone a few different ways but Oscar was a true professional, spoke with me for at least 3 minutes, shook my hand and took a picture with me. (He also signed my book that I paid full price)

The Book Review in Huntington Village has top shelf book signings. Oh yeah, the Cook's scratch kitchen-coffee bar? Gone! They pulled out of there sooner than you can say book worm.

The location itself has a huge history section as well as a nice travel section. Sure a big book chain is nicer, didja ever see You've Got Mail? Support the little guy!

I wish I had this book store in Port Jefferson.. I'll still come here for a book signing, watch the website for updates

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"No book signing equaled my experience at the Book Revue in Huntington." -Neil Simon

Good news! The book is now available at Book Revue in Huntington both on the local author’s table as well as in the Local History section. Enjoy!