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Book Review Forum, William S. Sax�s �Dancing the Self�. Reviewed by Joyce Burkhalter Flueckiger, John D. Smith, Alf Hiltebeitel. Reply by William S. Sax (pp. 130-145)

Spoiler-free book review for the first half, then a spoiler-filled discussion in the second half

Hmmm...Amazon still pretending HK is one person? It's been generally accepted in the book review forums the impossibility of one person reading this many books...much less find the time to review them all (and rarely gave less than 5 stars). If Harriet really was one person...RIP.

Academic Forum Book Review Waiting for Snow in Havana

Book Review Forum on Bernard Juillerat’s book 'Penser l’imaginaire. Essaisd’anthropologie psychoanalytique' (pp. 129 - 166)

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