Book Review Digest Plus (Sep.1982-)

Book Review Digest Plus, (BRD+), is a greatly expanded version of Wilson's classic print title, Book Review Digest. For decades, Book Review Digest has been the first choice for quick reference on book reviews. As a database, it's available on EBSCOhost, OCLC, and SilverPlatter. It indexes 109 principal book-review-containing periodicals, including major newspapers and general-interest magazines, as well as book review journals like Booklist, Choice, and Kirkus. In addition to citations, the Book Review Digest database contains selected excerpts, making it a reference source as well as a finding tool.

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Search tips: Where is it : Go to the . Under Find, select Articles, then under Article databases by name, click on the letter B and select Book Review Digest Plus.

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Hitchens, Christopher.

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