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When choosing a company to write your book review it is always a good idea to be wary of other book review companies which claim to read the book thoroughly before writing the book review. Often they do not actually read the book but instead search the internet for any information they can find. Such information can be posted by anyone and so the quality can be extremely low. Like Wikipedia there is no guarantee of accuracy for such information gained from sites that you would be unable to quote within an academic piece of writing. They lack academic integrity as have not been peer-reviewed.

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The book received nice critical recognition by Kirkus Discoveries, one of the most reputable book review companies, as they said ""Weinstein...distinguishes himself by telling readers how to shed the habits that defeat them and replace them with habits that bring victory. A worthy rallying cry for achieving one's goals."

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Before you buy book reviews it is important to have a discussion with our team about what exactly you require. Book review companies offering high-quality book review services will understand that depending on the type of book being reviewed and also the level at which it is being submitted the person who wants to buy book review may have different requirements about issues such as length and depth of the review. Book reviews for High School level will not have the same requirements as those to be submitted at university level. They will most likely be shorter but also not so in-depth. Also a review of a more academic book may require a much more rigid structure. If you have been given a brief by your tutor then give this to your selected writer so that they can understand exactly what you require.