Easy Book Report Form for Young Readers

It's common for the directions for book reports to read: "Give the title, the author, the date of publishing, and the number of pages, then in one page tell the story of the book. Finish with why you did or did not like the book." This gives students opportunities to write reports based on Cliff Notes, friends' readings, book cover synopsis or even quick scanning of books. [See Sue Richman's article in this issue on plagiarism for why this is wrong. - Editor]

Students use PowerPoint to create book reports and post them on the Web.

Your students will be enthusiastic about becoming chefs and creating a sandwich book report project that contains 7 different layers in it (6 of the layers are shown above).

Book Report Outline Form for Older Readers

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On this page, you'll find unique book report project templates that
are available in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and themes.

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