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Third Grade Biographies have been presented in May for over 20 years. Each year, each third graders chooses a biography to read and then present in a book report presentation, much to the delight of their classmates, teachers, and parents. Walt Disney, Albert Einstein, Michelle Obama, Rosa Parks, John Lennon, Alexander Graham Bell, Eleanor Roosevelt, and more make their costume.

With this Book Report Presentation Template for Microsoft PowerPoint you can wow your audience ..

Also I have to do a 5-10 minute book report presentation on it . I have to incorporate some or all of my fave things, but it's mostly to tell the class about the book and persuade them to read it. My teacher gave us some examples like: memory box, scrap book, picture book, act a scene out etc.

Realistic Fiction Book Report Presentation


Here are some great ways to make the book report presentation more creative while also demonstrating a firm grasp of the book. If the book report is to be simply handed in then there is little one can do to inject creativity with its presentation, but if the book reports are to be presented orally then these ideas can help set the book report apart from the rest.