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Our assumption is that you have the book in front of you. And your kid. And that your kid truly has read the book. And paper and pencil or computer and printer. And the accompanying BookReport Guide, The BookReport Guides are 4-7 page layouts designed to make you an "instant expert". They are crafted to help a parent or other adult help their kid complete a book report or book review without having to read the book. They are NOT full literature or study guides a la Cliff Notes or Masterplots or ad nauseum. They are, frankly, cheat sheets for parents. Because there just aren't enough cheat sheets for parents in this world. And your kid had to read the new stuff. You know, the books published after you finished school.

how to help kids with book reports with bookreport guides

This is definitely the first step, everyone! Please be clear that we are not providing some elementary school version of a literature guide a la Cliff Notes or Spark Notes. You will not find detailed chapter summaries or already completed story element analysis in your BookReport Guide. There is a reason your kid read this book and really should read it and many more too. It is also WHY teachers across America require so many book reports or other literature response projects... However, it is still possible to reduce the stress of the reading response assignment so head for the next step!

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