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Ever since I can remember I did illustrations for other people. In elementary school I would draw animals for classmates. In middle and high school I would draw book report covers for friends. Late in high school I began to get little bits of professional work and that began a trend that lasted right up until I finished my last illustration about two weeks ago. I’ve concluded that my professional illustration career is about 30 years long if you start with my first paying job when I was 15 or 16. The ending of this part of my life has been a gradual process. As my fine art career began to gather momentum it became more and more difficult to transition between the two fields. I started turning down more jobs than I was accepting and the interest I had for the subjects I was hired to do became less and less interesting.


We always shared a bedroom, so working together on school projects was natural. I think Sarah couldn’t bear to see the drawings I made for my book report covers, so she took those over for me. In exchange, I wrote a few short stories for her in high school.


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Julia Michaud started off her fledgling design career in the 80s, drawing book report covers with smelly markers for her artistically-challenged classmates at St. Ignatius School. This made her very popular. Julia joined the illustrious ranks of highly talented illustrator and designer graduates from RRC in 1999. Her first full job in the industry, doing black and white car ads at the Auto Trader, gave her the motivation to go after a more colourful position.