For books commonly assigned as book report assignments, it may be easy to find examples of actual book reports online simply by way of a general search. However, not all books are commonly assigned. If the book you're reading for a report isn't part of a standard curriculum, you may think you're out of luck. That's not necessarily the case, however. You'll just have to get a bit more creative in what you use as an "example."

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“” is a hotbed of highly transmittable ideas that will get you comfortable using a variety of traditional and contemporary media to push gifted students into deeper literary responses that go beyond bland book report assignments.

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Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a passion for reading, writing and art. Yes – I was that oddball in class who actually enjoyed research papers and book report assignments. And I didn’t take art class for an easy A either – I loved it! That, along with my fascination and deep appreciation for the natural beauty of the world, led me to RoadRUNNER in March 2007, where I’ve been fortunate enough to fuse all these things together in a fun, and creative environment. I get to work with interesting people from all over the globe – and live vicariously through them in every issue. Not only does it increase my appetite for traveling, but it also makes it difficult to decide where to go next.

Your 1st book report assignment consists of an oral presentation in which you devise and deliver a speech that ultimately persuades the class to either read or not read the book you have chosen. You have the freedom to develop and organize your presentation how ever you choose provided that you address the material required on the book report rubric. You must also include a 14 X 22 inch posterboard that clearly illustrates your positive or negative position, displays the book’s author, title, theme, and important quote, and three symbols that represent your reasons why we should or should not read the book. This is an excellent opportunity to engage your audience and develop your own sense of voice, creativity, and persuasion.Some students also make the mistake of not including examples or quotes from the book when writing book report assignments. Sharing this information makes it clear that the book was not only read, but understood as well, and that is typically the purpose of any book report assignment.