Critical Pedagogy Book Chapter Review

Richard L. Weiner, MD, Kenneth M. Alo, MD
This book chapter reviews the characteristics of several types of headaches, and details the use of neurostimulation to treat them. The authors conclude that between 1993 and 2005, 150 patients with the neurostimulator implantation showed approximately 70% to 100% success in short-term follow-ups. Long-term follow-ups showed 75% good/excellent long-term pain relief, plus 15% with fair response.
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This book chapter reviews crowdinvesting, which is sometimes referred to as equity crowdfunding

This book chapter reviews some of the challenges encountered by educators in creating personalised e-learning activities to suit students learning preferences. Technology-enhanced learning (TEL) alternatively known as e-learning has not yet reached its full potential in higher education. There are still many potential uses as yet undiscovered and other discovered uses which are not yet realisable by many educators. TEL is still predominantly used for e-dissemination and e-administration. This chapter reviews the potential use of TEL to provide personalised learning activities to suit individual students learning preferences. In particular the challenges encountered by educators when trying to implement personalised learning activities based on individual students learning preferences.

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This book chapter reviews results from usability research on the Purdue OWL

The book chapter reviews the role of civil society involvement in the United Nations' affairs since their founding, and the current debate about UN reform in the larger sense. Against this background, the findings of the "Cardoso Panel" are summarised and evaluated. In summary, with its proposals the panel went in the right direction and probably as far as they thought was realistic, given the current structure of the UN and the will of most member countries. Courageous action will be required to bring about meaningful changes that help overcome the current crisis of the UN.