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The 3-year dermatology residency program at the University of Minnesota is designed to provide advanced training in dermatology leading to ACVD certification and to provide individuals with the necessary skills to conduct research. The resident will work directly with two diplomates of the American College of Veterinary Dermatology. Approximately 80% of his or her time will be assigned to the dermatology service, in addition to in-house consultations. Twenty percent of the resident’s time will be allocated to training in all aspects of dermatology. He or she will be expected to participate in a weekly dermatology journal club, weekly book chapter review (including structure/function and immunology) and weekly dermatopathology rounds. In addition, the resident will conduct a clinical study that will result in a publication. The resident will acquire teaching skills by participating in the instruction of sophomore, junior and senior students in clinics and through a few hours of annual lecture. Attendance at a weekly human dermatology journal club at the Medical School is strongly recommended but optional. Regular participation in intern/resident rounds and the department seminar series is also expected.

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