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Founded by Stu Silverstein, MD, with a mission to provide high-yield and user-friendly pediatric board review books. In addition to being a Board Certified Pediatrician, Dr. Silverstein is anything but “Certified Bored” !

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When first introduced in 2000 the “ Laughing your way to passing the Pediatric Boards” series was rapidly recognized as the most user friendly pediatric board review books on the market. The word spread quickly that the information was not only comprehensive and reliable but made learning fun and entertaining. Demand for similar titles for other fields increased exponentially. Our material now include a Neurology and RITE Board Review book, Neonatology Board Review Questions and answers, USMLE Review books, American Board of Pediatrics® (ABP) Pediatric Recertification and MOC Review Study Guides , as well as new editions and updated versions of our Pediatric Board Review book, Pediatric board review questions/ answers and clinical vignettes.

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Internal Medicine Textbooks and Board Review Books: Who Uses Them and Why

Stu, I passed with flying colors. If I were to do anything different it would be to start earlier with your board review books and pediatric questions and answers. I can’t tell you how many questions on the test were dead ringers for your presentation of the material. More than once every test booklet, I remember thinking: “Thanks Medhumor for the alley oop slam dunk!

MKSAP 17 Print is a collection of internal medicine board review books which are useful for internal medicine board review, clinical reference, or to keep your medical knowledge sharp.I’m proof that you CAN start studying Dr. Silverstein's books this late in the game AND pass the boards!!! Just go over your weak areas (based on last years’ test results) and put Dr. Silverstein’s book to use…you’ll be surprised how easy you learn. Then, what I did was review all the subjects I hated, and finally the fun stuff. No matter how you choose to study it, (I received the book just 5 WEEKS before the test AND PASSED!!!!!!) Your Pediatric Board Review Books provides all the tools necessary to pass the boards!As a constant procrastinator, I was determined to study for the Pediatric Boards the right way. I bought your entire set of books in February right after I paid for my exam. I dillegently began studying in March and made a strict study schedule. I got through one topic (Respiratory). Then I had some medical complications of my pregnancy and decided to put studying off until the baby was born. She came the end of April with a terrible case of colic lasting through July. One month later my baby got ill and I was unable to devote any more time to studying. I had basically read through the entire main text and done one book of questions and answers. I went to take the exam only because I had paid for it. And a miracle happened, I passed the pediatric boards! All the topics were right from your book. I cannot thank you enough. Your book gave me the info I needed to pass the pediatric boards and gave me countless hours back to be with my baby girl. You guys have the best pediatric board review booksNow in its thoroughly updated Fourth Edition, General Surgery Board Review is indispensable for surgical residents and general surgeons preparing for the American Board of Surgery’s certification and recertification examinations. This study guide maintains the core features that have made it one of the most popular board review books in the field, including questions and answers after each chapter and succinct but detailed reviews of all topic areas found on the ABSITE and certification exam. There’s a new chapter on bariatric surgery and minimally invasive procedures.