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A Blurb photo book review showing you 2 examples of Blurb photo books. Get a Blurb coupon and promo code here:

For a detailed review with lots of pictures, see this post.

I really think Blurb makes one of the best photo books on the market and in this video, I talk about the different features and why they're great.

The 1st book I show you in this Blurb photo book review is a photo book I created of my kids from last year. I wanted this photo book to last for years and years so I upgraded to a hard cover with a dusk jacket and upgraded to premium paper.

The 2nd book in this Blurb photo books review is a book I created with Blurb's online book making system. I used the Zurich designer template which is so easy to use it took me 1 hour to make it. I was going for a airy feel for this photo book so I upgrade to a linen hard cover, white end sheets and Blurb's Proline photo paper.

The quality of these books are just superb and they really are the best photo books out on the market.

Blurb offers 1st time users 15% off their first photo book. Once in a while they'll have a sale so make sure you sign up for my newsletter so I could let you know when there is a Blurb promo code or coupon code.

For close up pictures of these Blurb photo books and Blurb coupons, visit . You could also see my written Blurb photo book review there.

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