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You can look at the cup as being half empty or half full. I'm sure we'll see a lot of BlackBerry PlayBook reviews come out that rag pretty hard on the BlackBerry Tablet OS for what it's still lacking in terms of features and overall experience. And while I'd rather see a completely finished and polished OS on the BlackBerry PlayBook at launch over one that still has some gaps, what makes me extremely excited is the rate of development RIM is showing on the new QNX platform. As an outsider looking in, it almost feels as if RIM has been able to do as much in six months working on QNX for the PlayBook as they have in the past six years working on the old BlackBerry OS for their phones. With that being the case and knowing the direction RIM is heading with their overall operating system philosophy, I'm actually more excited for the future of RIM products than ever.

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