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The Ultimate AP Biology Review Textbook has hundreds of interactive quizzes, tests, diagrams, and images. There are also videos, keynote presentations, and instructive animations. There are more than 1400 review items that are divided into 11 chapters. Unlike other review books which are too often merely a compendium of facts, ours is exciting and easy to read. Unlike paper review books which are not only more expensive, but also do not contain many color images, ours is full color, and exciting to look at. Also unlike paper review books, no trees died in the making and publishing of this eBook. Our concept quizzes emphasize and explain AP-style questions. Our explanation pages, which follow each Concept Quiz, are completely hyperlinked, and are useful all year long. We give students a chance to contact us at any time by using our suggestion box, which appears at the end of each chapter.

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As a content review book, the Examkrackers Biology Review Book focuses mainly on actual content, which teaches students similar to a textbook. However, one thing great about the Examkrackers series is that all books come with a good amount of practice problems. Each chapter includes a 30 minute exam, in addition to end of chapter problems, and a number of example problems.

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The Examkrackers Biology Review Book is a great review book for the Biology Section of the MCAT. For those looking for a nice mix of problems and content, this book is perfect for you.