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Thank you for your interest in becoming a book reviewer for JETS. Our reviewers perform a wonderful service for our members, subscribers, and readers by providing quality reviews which accurately overview and fairly assess the latest in biblical and theological scholarship.

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Allena's class offered a plethora of valuable information on the book review market and how to break into it. Shortly after taking her class I was offered free Advanced Reader Copies of books by a well known author. She also helped me build published clips of reviews at the end of the class by offering all her students a chance to appear on her page as guest reviewers. I highly recommend her class. It is well worth the investment. ~ Ann Schwarz, WOW! How to Become a Paid Book Reviewer student

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Become a Book Reviewer:

Most book reviewers are freelance writers who are paid per piece, if they are paid at all. Some simply write book reviews on a volunteer basis, and in exchange, will receive free books to review, sometimes ahead of their publication dates. The most important advice for someone who wants to become a book reviewer is simply to keep writing, and always meet assigned deadlines. Like any other freelance writing career, it can be difficult to get started, but for someone who enjoys reading books and writing about them, it is a great choice.

If you love reading books, have a knack for writing, and enjoy expressing your opinion, you may want to consider becoming a book reviewer. But how do you get started? Luckily, there are now more options than ever before. Depending on your interests and skills, you can become a book reviewer for fun, for free books, or even perhaps for a career.Bookkus is experimental. We’re a new step in publishing. We change how books are reviewed and how these get into the hands of readers. When you become a book reviewer with us, not only does your review get read, it changes a book, it could change someone’s future. Your review will matter. It won’t be just another drop in the sea of reviews. You drive the choices we make. Your review may change the lives of the author, the reader, and publishing. Authors learn from you. Readers will see their name (in the book). Publishers…well…honestly…will probably not think of you that often, but you may remind them how important you are.