Connecticut Bar Review Course Books

As we’ve mentioned before, can be a great way to study for your 1L doctrinal courses like Torts and Civil Procedure. They can also be really helpful for 2Ls and 3Ls taking classes like Evidence and Corporations. If you’re enrolled in a class that is also on the bar exam, consider checking out bar review books and multiple choice questions. These are usually on reserve in the library.

South Carolina Bar Review Course including bar review books, lectures, and practice questions

Because the National Conference of Bar Examiners does not release multiple-choice questions from the MBE, bar review companies construct questions that resemble MBE questions, and our library has several bar review books in the KF 303 area.

First step, get your hands on some bar review books

New Jersey Bar Review Course details including bar review books, lectures, and practice questions

This equal-instruction-for-all approach of the lecture method is why some people will become fed up with bar review lectures, realizing they can be more efficient studying on their own, and start skipping the lectures altogether. For these students, they would have been better off buying the bar review books from someone who took the course last year and saved thousands of dollars in the process.