More audio book reviews coming soon!

I have a tendency to write really short reviews when I do audio book reviews. I have a harder time during a summary since I don’t usually take very many notes while I’m reading and I don’t have any quotes. But I do try to get something up.

More Audio Book Reviews To Come!

It can be harder to write an audio book review because you don’t have passages to quote. I’ve had to look at publishers’ websites to find out how to spell words to write reviews before.

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Even though at some point in the review, it would become apparent, I think it’s good to let the reader know up front that you’re reviewing an audiobook. I have yet to write my first audiobook review. There’s a lot of good discussion here — things for me to consider. As far as differentiating between problems with the work of the author and problems with the work of the narrator — you might want to create a section for that as well. This would give the reader the opportunity to compare and contrast the two.