Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus Review

Obviously, as a fellow PC enthusiast, I know this isn’t a viable option. I for one can never find a black turtleneck in my size, and I don’t fancy updating my blog all day while frequenting certain coffee outlets. So imagine my euphoria when I received the Samsung ATIV Book 9 to review. Finally, a laptop PC rocking a 13.3-inch, 3,200 x 1,800 display equating to 275ppi.

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Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus review, update: Windows 8-powered device that’s done right would be a good way to describe the Samsung ATIV Book 9. The unit has a Quad HD touchscreen display, which according to reviews is at par with Apple’s Retina Display in terms of quality. It’s performance is great and has a premium design.

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