The Coursebook is more comprehensive than most AP review books.

Your own AP Prep studying. Use the resource books that many of you have bought, use College Board website and practice tests there, use other online resources. Review the time-periods we have studied (up to the 20th Century), take a DBQ, take a Multi-choice test, read about authors mentioned in your text and that the AP review books say will be on the test. Note the time-periods and main points that the authors write about. Finally, make very sure you understand the era that was in your last reading: Populists, populist political parties, their anger against the railroads and other corporations, the silver issue (or other currency issues). Review that in your book and test-review books. I did not have time to cover populists in class, but they are standard fair for the college board.

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Those Skylight Publishing AP review books are the bestI have seen. They have a strong writing team and have some reallyunusual problems. I gave Julie a set and she plans to request thatthe library purchasesome for the kids.Helen Compton, NCSSM

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I have put together a collection of the best AP review books by exam at In addition to study guides, each exam has information about the exam format and links to released questions to previous exams. Read the reviews to find which books might be bet for you.

Create a calendar of what chapter or .AP Chemistry Review Books Study Guides.... AP Chemistry: Best review book. AP Chemistry Exam& .. You might think that AP Chemistry is a piece of cake while AP United States Government just doesn`t seem to stick. Cracking the AP Chemistry Exam 2014 Edition College&WoodYard Publications is pleased to announce the availability of by Ethel Wood. What is the Coursebook? The Coursebook is more concise than most AP World History texts, but is more comprehensive than most AP review books.