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Derrick authored the AP Chemistry review book AP Chemistry All Access, which highlights authentic applications of chemistry in addition to problem solving strategies and content review. He also served as the editor for AP Chemistry Crash Course. He has given numerous presentations on authentic lab investigations at national conventions for both the American Chemical Society and the National Science Teachers Association.

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Additionally, it is helpful to get an AP Chemistry review book. Be careful to get a version generated for the 2013/14 year or after because these versions are designed for the new AP curriculum. These review books organize material into important topics and provide multiple-choice questions. Some of these questions are not the same caliber as the ones on the AP test itself.

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Create a calendar of what chapter or .AP Chemistry Review Books Study Guides.... AP Chemistry: Best review book. AP Chemistry Exam& .. You might think that AP Chemistry is a piece of cake while AP United States Government just doesn`t seem to stick. Cracking the AP Chemistry Exam 2014 Edition College&