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David Evans is a friend and a fan of Brittle Paper, so we’ve always known that he loves to read. We just didn’t know how much of a super-reader he was until we stumbled upon his 300+ Amazon book reviews.

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Amazon Books, as the new store is called, will be like any other Main Street bookstore (remember those?), except that Amazon will use the troves of data it collects from its online customers to stock the shelves. That means its book displays will feature real Amazon book reviews, and the store will showcase books that have amassed the most pre-orders online. The books will also come with Amazon’s trademark low price tags.

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Chances are that you might have purchased a book, or visited a restaurant, as a result of reading fake reviews. The problem impacts companies such as Amazon and Yelp, while on Facebook, massive disinformation campaigns are funded by political money, hitting thousands of profiles and managed by public relation companies: they create fake profiles and try to become friends with influencers. Here the focus is specifically on Amazon book reviews, the Facebook issue will be discussed later, while the Yelp issue is well known and has resulted in a class action lawsuit: Yelp's account managers create bad reviews for restaurants, and if you pay a monthly advertising fee, suddently your rating dramatically improves.