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Here for your amusement, completely unedited, are some heartfelt one-star Amazon book reviews! (I have left off any names, although most of them are written anonymously.)[sic throughout]

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We’ve seen it happen: Review campaigns are launched with no ARC, no finished book and/or no book available for pre-order or order on Amazon. A huge book PR campaign launches and the author gets a great interview – but the book is only available at one (or no) retailer because it was just released. Amazon book reviewers are excited about posting a review but can’t because of availability. On the flip side, a publisher releases a fantastic book but budgets for a year for a major PR campaign – making it too late to secure good publicity for the book.

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For Napoleon Chagnon, and his already-enormous cadre of Amazon book reviewers, he’s the only anthropologist who did real fieldwork. It’s an accusation that, ironically enough, was lodged against Sidney Mintz when he did his fieldwork in Puerto Rico: