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It is not a disability-focused blog, but many of the posts (alternatives to book reports, games, cool visuals) will help … This week, I wanted to try something new. So many friends have contacted me to share their blogs and websites recently, and I want to get the word out about these resources as quickly and efficiently as possible. So…this week’s Website Wednesday belongs to you. If you have a blog, website, or wiki that you … Maria Kowch sees herself as an “iPad Evangelist”, and she shares her technology passion with others at .

The Book Chook: Alternatives to Book Reports

Shelfari is not only a great alternative to book reports, it is also a nice alternative to reading logs. Shelfari allows students to display books that they have read on a virtual bookshelf. This site enables students to connect with other students and teachers, sharing book recommendations and reading reviews. Shelfari provides the ability to create online book clubs and discussions. Inspire students with similar interests to start a book club where they read and discuss together. When students finish reading a book they can add it to their bookshelf, rate the book, and write a short review of the book for others to read. The collaborative component makes it easy to keep up with what students are reading and to measure understanding. It also allows teachers to recommend books to students based on what they are currently reading. This is a great way to keep your students engaged in their reading and ensures they will always have great suggestions for new books to keep them reading.

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One of the topics that I talked about was alternatives to traditional book report assignments.

Students in this course select, read, evaluate, and explore uses of text, including multiethnic and international literature, for working with students in grades 5-12. Discussion strategies, alternatives to book reports, literature extension projects, and unit planning will be addressed.