She Takes On The World - A Short Book Review

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A short book review of The Giver - YouTube

he story of life on Earth is long, spanning a period of about 3.5 billion years. In a short book review such as this, only the "headlines" can be reported.

A short book review by Ambrose Bierce | Amanda Holling

A short book review by Ambrose Bierce

Whatever minor stylistic concerns A Great Place for a Seizure may raise, it is an important book. There are very few works of fiction in which the main character has epilepsy and fewer still that try to address the issues that those with epilepsy have to deal with head on. It occupies an uncomfortable borderland between novels of people in wheelchairs who may have a physical impairment but who can point to the social construction of disability as the bigger issue and novels of people with terminal cancer whose situations are considerably more existential. Tracy's work forces readers into a journey, episodic though it may be, that makes them consider not only what living with epilepsy is like but what their own views and reactions might be. It generates many more questions than can be discussed in a short book review and is sure to provoke differing reactions between any two people who read it. A Great Place for a Seizure can be purchased at and is available as an eBook compatible with Kindle.