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Every contract an indie author signs with an online public relations firm that suggests in hype it can take a book to stellar heights has this disclaimer: No Guarantee in some fashion or another. Here is why: Your book may NOT be ready for prime time–but those firms will take your $$ anyway. They make their money by feeding your dream–not telling you what your book needs, i.e. editing, a decent cover, or that your book description reads like an 8th grade book report.


Its official, Neil Blomkamp is the new king of the B-movie in Hollywood. Give this man a bad script (or allow him to write it) and he will direct the shit out of it – filling every nook and cranny of the film with more allegorical nonsense than an 8th grade book report on The Great Gatsby. Does any of it work? Not really, in fact most of it probably won’t. Then why – oh why – did I end up enjoying Chappie so much?


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My husband and I went on this tour because of all the excellent Trip Advisor reviews, but we were not impressed. The tour guide (who was a very nice young man) told the stories as if he was giving an 8th grade book report or something (in other words, it sounded extremely rehearsed, and not in a good way). We...